Adding variety to sex. How To Add Variety To Your Sex Life, According To Experts.

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Adding variety to sex

And I totally agree that body image post-childbirth can play a big role. Most of us are familiar only with the early stages: Bobthemusicguy December 22, at 6:

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After her pregnancy and now almost 1 and a half year later she is only willing to do two positions. One of you giving oral sex before you leave for work, petting to climax in the car at a drive-in movie, using vibrators to have orgasms without a lot of foreplay late at night, taking a nap and having a "quickie" before rushing off to a party. Mike December 22, at

Adding variety to sex

And I totally agree that body image post-childbirth can play a big role. Most of us are familiar only with the early stages: Bobthemusicguy December 22, at 6:

Adding variety to sex

Adding variety to sex

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  1. Certain times during my cycle hurt more than others. Afterward, "slow things down with some chilled champagne and a roaring fire in the fire place," she suggests.

  2. Anonymous December 26, at Seduction can be as simple as causing your partner to ask what you've been doing that has you so energized and interested. Perhaps her libido is in flux after having kids.

  3. Unless you've been through a very long-term relationship before, it's hard to understand the difficulties encountered in the development of intimacy stage and the settled partnership phase.

  4. We have sex on a nearly daily frequency, but I definitely find that if it has been a few days it can be worse. I love my daughter and I am blessed to have her but my wife got pregnant 4 months after our marriage and I sometimes feel like I only was married for 4 months. Here are four simple steps to create a successful marriage:

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