Ghost having sex. Spectrophilia.

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The Professional Chiller Season 2 Episode 5

Ghost having sex

Spectrophilia goes much deeper than I originally thought. How common is ghost sex really?

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Joe Nickell, a professional skeptic, suspects that some of this has to do with the fact that our psyches shift these experiences through a prism of our existing beliefs, such that some people might read the same core mental-physical experience as, say, an alien probe. To paraphrase prolific hip hop trio TLC, "Don't go chasin' poltergeists. Plus, the editing is terrible, quite frankly, which is a crime of a different sort.

Ghost having sex

Spectrophilia goes much deeper than I originally thought. How common is ghost sex really?

Ghost having sex

Ghost having sex

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  1. Was it happening? In season five, Denny Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns in a strange series of sexy hallucinations, leading Izzie to shut her invisible boyfriend and herself off in the break room for some mind-blowing ghost sex.

  2. And then there's Amethyst, who has a real connection and once fucked her ghost boyfriend in an airplane bathroom. They prey on imbalanced people, she believes, and grow stronger through their fear.

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